Wednesday 2 December 2009


Who is Kapten Tradewinds?...hahaha...I just put this up for fun. This illustration was in the local newspaper few months ago when Tradewinds bought BERNAS'shares from Wang Tak (Hong Kong based company). I found back this clip in one of my folder and suddenly like to share it with you.
How I wish that I am that lady being save by a superhero?...By who and when will that be is still a puzzle to me and my circle of friends. Throughout the years, I have been in very stressful, difficult, puzzling and many other words that can be relate back to my past relationships. Sometimes I felt that I dont want to be a women and stick as my mom's little girl. There is no need for me to worry almost about anything except for my Barbie and Ken.... :)
The reason I'm mentioning about this simply because of someone that I had a phone conversation with yesterday evening.
"We both hurts each other feeling with our own attitude, ego, words and actions. Thus, I am sorry for what had happen to us for the past years. I didnt want it to end like this. If you just being transparent to me about what you had in mind about us before, this wouldnt happen and we might be the most happiest loving couple ever exist in our circle of friends. Dont surprise me as my mind can bring out lots of assumption, theory and hyphothesis about things. Right at this moment when I think of you, I thought of you being in pain because of what I did to you. I admit that I had never been a good girlfriend to you. I left you behind 6 years ago for my career, I'm not a good listener nor obey to your advice and being so selfish to you. What ever it is, your will always be my 1st love and thanks for the memories. I just hope that you read this and would understand me".
But my Superhero and Superwomen forever is my Dad and my Mom...



  1. Thanks for dropping by and your lovely comment:)

  2. marv,
    tradewinds pon adalah pemegang share the company for women ni.. uhuhuuu.. bersaudara la kita eh.. LOL

  3. hai yoon see...thanks to u too

    roxy, kita bersaudara ker?...hehehe..pangkat apa ek?..cuzzie, aunties, nenek...hahaha

  4. haha.. u pilih je pangkat apa you nak.. datin seri, puan seri, datuk seri.. hahaha