Tuesday 1 December 2009

Weekend Gateaway*

I had a blast during my last weekend getaway. My friend and I drove all the way from KL to Port Dickson. It was a spontaneous plan that we made as we both woke up pretty late in the afternoon. We both packed our bag with our extra cloths and most important things is SUNBLOCKS with SPF50+...hehehehe..We start our journey from KL at 3 pm and reached PD 15 minutes past four. But the weather wasnt that nice as 30 minutes later, the rain was poured heavily. I was so frustated with the weather as I really love to hang out by the sea. Like the smell of the ocean's breeze and almost anything about beach, sea and the relaxed ambience of the beach. Then on our way back home to KL, my friend suggest that we should try out seafood at Sg Duyung, Melaka. So, as a seafood lover, I say YES....LEts Go....We both made few phone call to our friends asking for the direction. Finally, after driving through that heavy rain from PD to Melaka, we arrived safely at the place. It is situated by the estuary of Sg. Duyong. There was so many cars with Singapore and KL's plate number parking outside from the seaview restaurant. Once there we quickly get ourselves a table and place our order. The funny things is that we dont really familiar with the types of fish nor to decide on the menu. So I simply asked this one couple behind us and asked them...hehehe...but overall we had a delicious dinner for the night. It is a worthwhile for both of us...

Next thing I knew is that we are already planning our next trip to Cameron Highlands very soon...hehehe...This time I'll make sure that I bring along my camera (on a loan from my sweet brother...hehehe)


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