Thursday 21 January 2010

BEads & Needle *

Right now I am in the mood to play around with beads and needle. I need to finish this project as it has been due for two months already. Sorry Madam S...I'll make it up to u with extra design on it. Well...I have few project in mind but never get the time to do it due to my work. I can be such a lazy women during the weekend as I love to lay down at my cosy couch and tune to the HBO, Star Movies, Star World and AFC's channel. Last weekend, I stay at home watch tv and do some cooking for my housemate. Somehow, I started to love cooking and I have been cooking since then until now but I didnt have the appetite to indulge myself to my cooking. Just love to see them enjoy the dishes even thou it is the simplest fried noodle. Jay (my housemate) said that my cooking is getting better and delicious since day 1. She who is on diet took her second plate of rice last night..hopefully she wont blame me on her spoiled diet plan in the future...hahaha..As for tonight, I'm thinking of preparing my special fried rice with some fried chicken (drumstick for sure)... and this Sunday, one of the girl want to have Laksa Laksa Sarawak will be on our dining table...

I miss my mother and little Alex...

Albert Alex Basin with his Christmas gift from me.

The teddy name is Chom Chom.




  1. chop! ^_^

    Bain suka banget sama drumstick!!!~ ^_^'

  2. marvic selalunya akan request for drumstick everytime having fast food...hehehe