Monday, 25 January 2010

Mikayla *

This photo taken during her stay with me few weeks back

Mikayla is the name of a 3 months old child that I will start to baby sit from today until this coming monday. She was born to a friend of mine and her young single mother who has to go outstation for few days. Since there was nobody that can taking care of Kayla while she is away, I offered myself to baby sit her at my home. I have been started to baby sit Kayla few week ago when her mother had to work on Saturday due to her work dateline. Then continued on the following Monday. Kayla is such a sweet little baby as she didnt been so fussy or get cranky when she is with me. She just so quite and have a good manner in a way that she is so easy to take care compared to my nieces and nephews. Somehow I felt that she understand the situation that her mother had to endure since in her mother's womb. I just love to have her at home. Whenever Kayla is at home, I feel that my life is fully complete as in I dont need anything else..not even facebook-ing or harvesting my farmville..hahaha...and we both (Kayla and me) shares same interest as in we both love watching MTV and listening to the music...I am very sure of that because she will get cranky whenever I tunning to other channel except for MTV...How cool is that? generation indeed.. :)
So, today I will heading home soon sharp at 5 pm to fetch Kayla from the day nursery. Tomorrow morning will be new routine for me..woke up super early to send her over to the day nursery so that I be able to reach office early and of course will to avoid any unnecessary traffic on the road. Am I ready to be a mother?....This question will be answer soon after Wednesday. But I'll definitely will update my moment with Kayla from time to time through this blog and facebook as well.