Tuesday 26 January 2010

A Night with Mikayla*

As expected before, a night with baby Mikayla was very soothing and peaceful. She has been such good baby girl. I managed to put her to sleep around 10.30 and she only woke up around 1.3o for feeding. Then she went back to her dreamyland until 6.30 in the morning when I was already up and get ready to send her to the nursery and me to the office. I was a bit sad when I pass her over to the nursery lady. She was asleep in my arm but she open up her eyes and I can see her eyes look so sad as I was not ready to let her go yet...obviously I am sad when this happen. I even have the thought to call up my office and apply for one day leave but that will be irresponsible act. Right now, I am eager to fetch her up from the nursery and spend more time with Kayla as tomorrow her mother will back from her travelling.

Owh..Kayla is so much into story telling as she was bubbling like wanting to tell us her story of the day. But of course nobody can understand her as she talk in baby language...How i wish that I can understand baby language...hmmm...


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