Wednesday 27 January 2010

Mikayla' Restless Night*

Mikayla was so restless for the whole night. In fact she was throwing her tantrum to me when I was about to fetch her up from the day care nursery. She doesnt want to be put down on the car seat. I had no other choice than trying to put her back into her sleep in my arm inside the car. 30 minutes has gone but she still wide awake and smiling at me. I then using my veto power (hahaha), lay her down on the car seat and nicely talk with her not to be so cranky along the way back home. Somehow she understand the message and managed to entertain herself with the view and some lullaby sang by me..(hahaha). Guess which lullaby that I sang to her....Its Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Are You Sleeping? and Row Row Your Boat...

But half of the way, she cried out aloud. At the end of it, I had to held her up and put her standing over my shoulder using my arm while my left hand handling the steering and changing the gear. Luckily I managed to drive home safely.

She was restless the whole night during her sleep and this make me had a sleepless night. But I didnt blame her as she might having a terrible nightmare. Me on the other hand had a emotional moment when I suddenly realize that Kayla's mother will be home today and Kayla wont be with me anymore. Even when I send her to the day care nursery this morning, I almost had tears as I am not yet ready to let her go. She even seem to understand my feeling as she keep look at me with her sad eyes. I've already love Kayla like my own child. I even bought her a mini dress and few other things yesterday during my lunch hour. Some of the things I keep it properly at home for Kayla future need at my home. I even called myself "Ibu" to Kayla.

Kayla dear, if you ever read this blog in the remember that Ibu will always sayang Kayla like my own child.



  1. Melihat budak tidur amat menenangkan kan? ^_^

  2. ibu... don't be sad.. thank u for ur love n care.. i'm sure we'll meet again!

    luv u too ibu..


  3. bain, aku dah sayang sgt kat baby tu..and skrg ni balik rumah je aku rasa pelik sbb dah x dukung baby...

    Queenin Murni..pandai la ko buat dialog utk kayla..hahaha..thanks...sabtu ni mmg aku plan nak jumpa dgn kayla...nak bagi brg2 kat dia...hehehe

  4. baguslaa Marvic sayang kat baby. Nanti baby tu sayang kat Marvic pula. :)