Thursday 28 January 2010

Birthday Dinner*

Last night I have been invited to have dinner with few of my bosses and colleague from Sarawak. They was here yesterday for a meeting with government agency in Putrajaya. One of the bos wants to celebrate his 41th birthday at Tony Roma's at Garden Midvalley. So there we went for our dinner. It was so fun to have dinner with them as it has been so long that I havent sit down with them and talk. Suddenly I missed my working day at Kuching's office before. I had so much fun during those days before I were transfered to KL. Thanks to the Birthday Bos for our dinner treat.

After the dinner, I went back home and realised that Kayla is no longer with me tonight. I'm kinda sad especially when I received a text from Kayla's mother. She said thanks to me for taking care of her daughter as well as the new dress that I bought for Kayla. Officially, I am adopting Kayla as my daughter as well upon her approval..Yay!!!! So, when ever she need to work outstation or had to stay back in the office till late night, I will taking care of my girl as long as I am in KL since sometimes my work does need me to work outstation....Cant wait to see Kayla again this Saturday. I had lots of things for her. Thanks to Atie for the Baby Carrier and Baby Stroller. My girl definitely need it...May Allah be always with you...



  1. oh.. I miss going to Kuching.

  2. mesti baby Kayla sronok lihat aunty Marvic datang berkunjung. ^_^

    *blum cuba Tony Roma. nanti nak cuba! yay! ^_^

  3. TH...i am going back on work next week..hehehe

    Bain..skrg bukan aunty lagi tp dah officially jadi Ibu angkat to Kayla..cant wait to see my baby girl...if you ever go there..please try their ribs..mmg sedap giler...

  4. hehe ni dah nak kena kawin dan adak anak sendiri ni :)

  5. kak emi, hahaha..kawen tu nanti la dulu..hahaha