Monday, 1 February 2010

Kayla' 1st Day Out *

Kayla in red. Trying her new baby carrier.
Thanks to Atie

Kayla & Ibu

Kayla @ Tony Roma

Kayla just woke up

Tidur sayang...

Yesterday I bring Kayla for her 1st day out in KL. Mid Valley were our destination. We went for window shopping to Children's Department in Jusco for Kayla. I bought her few things for her. Then we had our late lunch at Tony Roma. It is not for Kayla but for me...hahaha. We even managed to watch the Lion Dance at the Centre Court. Luckily Kayla didn't cry because of the loud music that being play for the show. I am so proud being able to show her some part of my Chinese Culture. We were there until 6.30 pm and it was time for Kayla to take her bath so we heading back home. As usual, it is emotional moment for me every time I had to send her back to her mother. I had to accept the fact that she still have mother and she is not 100% mine.

"But dear Kayla, Ibu will always love you. Ibu cant wait to have you for the whole day again. Maybe next time we can go to some other nice place....Ibu rindu Kayla"




  1. wah...mama kayla dan kayla jalan-jalan sambil ambil gambar eh...bapa kayla naper takde dalam gambar...baru family complete....

  2. anonymous, bapak kayla dah mampos lama dah...hahaha...

  3. erkss.. marak btul tu.. ko amik dia weekend haritu eh??

  4. murni..mmg la aku marah dgn lelaki yg x guna kan..wakakaka..

    aah...aku ambik dia keluar jalan2 ke midvalley ahad tu..dia suke giler babe..and x meragam langsung..tu yg buat aku rindu sgt kat dia skrg ni...

  5. mikayla..cantik la nama tu..macam micaela transformers pun ada..
    marvic am so proud of you that jaga 3 month old baby on your own without a streak of panic..bravo..not many single woman can do that okay..

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