Wednesday 10 February 2010

Journey on The Road *

I just came back from Kuching last Sunday. I managed to spend my weekend with family at home. I was in Pusa, Betong (two hours drive from Sibu, Sarawak) as my company were having an exhibition booth in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture' s program. Chief Minister of Sarawak was there to officiate the event, Minister of MOA, Deputy Minister of MOA, State Ministers and few MOA' s Director as well.

Mentioning about Pusa, Betong..the place is in one of rural settlement that majority is Malays and Iban. Their main occupational is farming for paddy, pineapple, oil palm and fishery as well. Anyway, I really had fun as it was like a reunion session for me to meet up with my fellow colleagues and my superior from Kuching's office.

On Wednesday night, I had dinner with Shirley, one of my BFF that stay in Sibu and a friend, Ashoda. Again, I would like to extend my apology to both of them as I am not being myself that night. Dont get me wrong for what I meant as not being myself that night. Usually I will be so talkative when I am with my friends but I wasnt as I was quite tired due to the two hour drive from Pusa to Sibu (a town where I stay for a night). Plus, I was a bit worried about my girl, Kayla for not being well at the moment and of course I missed her like hell. We had a quick dinner before I returned back to the hotel. And yes....I cried at night because I miss Kayla...

On Thursday afternoon, I joined in with my superior going back to Kuching after the officiate ceremony. It took us nearly five hours drive from Pusa, Betong to reach Kuching. Along the journey, I was mesmerize with beautiful scenery with the local settlement, long houses, mountains and more tress...hahaha..everything is so green and peaceful to my eyes...and not to mention that five hour journey on the road in Sarawak can be very tiring but the view make it worthwhile.

I stayed at Debie for a night and we had a long chat while fb-ing at home. Thanks to Debie who lend me her car for my use while I am in Kuching. My family actually didnt know that I will be in Kuching las weekend. They were so surprise to see me reached home. I had a long chat with my sister, Jospehine. We had so much things to talk about from taking care of babies (advice for me..hehehe), about her childrens, about her mother in-law, about our elder sister, about our relatives and etc.

On Saturday, I drive my mother and my nephew/nieces around Kuching. Joanne need to buy her reference books at the bookstore. Once reached home that evening, my sister and I went to our orchard as I need to get some langsat for me to bring back to KL. Pictures that I took around the orchard will explain more that words. (will upload soon as I havent transfer the pictures from my camera)



  1. I am back in KL already...thanks TH :D

  2. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    *Mercun adalah sangat merbahaya dan Bain tak menggalakkan semua org bermain mercun. Ingatlah orang² tersayang...^_^

  3. hi Marvic...i da tgok ur kayla in ur previous2 entry..she is so adorable...cute sgt gamba masa tdo tu...pandai u jaga baby..kalau i masa single tuh mmg x berani nk jaga baby..

    skrg mmg musim batuk2 kalau ade fever kene cpt2 jumpe paed...


  4. Thanks jia...she is cute..ur girl pon comel gak...nasib baik kayla ni x susah nak jaga tp manja sgt la plak skrg ni..xnak org lain jaga dia.. batuk and demam dia dah ok tp still makan ubat lagi...

  5. I so need to get to know u marvic.
    1. we seems to know emila and khemy
    2. i was in pusak too.

    how now brown cow?