Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Little Girls play Games*

Last night I play around with my make up set and later my dear housemate joined with me. We coloured our eye according to our mood. I always wanted to do smokey eyes but I not very sure on how to do it so last night I try it on me...hehehe..cut the story short...after I done with my make up...I browse through my dresses and pick one..its purple dress while my housemate, Jay choose my little black dress. I did her hair too and mine as well. We were like little girls play around with our mom's make up...hahaha....after we changed to the dresses...I grab my camera and turn our living room as our mini photo studio. Things get chaos as we laugh whenever we try to pose for the shoot..

here is our end enjoy our craziness over the night... :p


Dyreena & Marvic



  1. ces. kena tutup mata pulak. menyusahkan betol ko punya entri neh.

  2. muaaahahhahaaaa.....aku penah jugak wat keje giles x dpt la nk update kat blog la kn...huhuhuuuu....

  3. Murni....jgn sampai panazzzzzzzzz sgttt..hahaha

    Lotpi..xder la nak menyusahkan ko..ko ambik je tangan waseem to cover up both of ur eyes..hahaha

    Cik Kiah...biler lagi kita nak buat mcm time stay over kat umah aku ek..hahaha

  4. luv the shadows...^_^' eeeeee.....

  5. thanks la mainan wanita dewasa yg x puas bermain masa zaman kanak2 dulu..hahaha

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