Tuesday 6 April 2010

Income Tax*

It is time to filling in income tax included me. I did not have to pay for previous year instead they will pay back my money but this time I had to pay them back with balance of RM41.02 for my income tax....whatever it is....had to accept the fact that we all need to pay our income tax for the good of the nation (development etc) which will benefit us and our children.

I know it has been a while that I did not update my blog. I was so busy with so many things to do. Right now, I am in the midst of helping my colleague with our company annual dinner. Not to mention that this is the 1st dinner for our company after 10 years ago...hahaha..funny right. This annual dinner will take place this Friday at Hotel Istana with the theme of Night of Thousand Colours (Malam Seribu Warna). I am all ready with my wear except for my extension hair. I am looking the one with violet colour to complete my theme that night. On the night itself, I'll be on duty to ensure that all finalist for our very own talent show competition is ready for their performance. Yes...I was one of their jury during finalist selection last week. There were conflicts here and there along the way but it doesnt stop us with our crazy idea for the night. Just wait for our very own red carpet appearance. I will definitely take lots of picture to be feature here and in my FB as well..hahaha..

Last sunday was Easter other brother is still on holiday for a week from Bangkok. So all of us spend the day in our elder brother home at Balakong. Our sister in law cook for us. Not to mention that Kayla joining us too since her mother was travelling in Kedah. It was the first time for all of them to meet up with Kayla. While a day before, I had a bowling tournament held by Kelab Bernas Malaysia in Pint Junction Cineleisure. Since, Kayla is with me so I had to bring her along. Everyone was suprise to see me with baby since nobody really know about me having baby of my own (not really my own anyway :D)...But Kayla really loves all the attention that she got from all the staff. All the camera surrounds us with flash and she actually likes it so "gedik' kind of attitude la my girl...hahahaha...and my team secured the 2nd place.... :D



  1. Jom selamatkan harimau!~ ^_^

  2. owh bain....i just read about ur tiger nyer post..interesting..let us save little ti-ger....hehehehe

  3. aku tak pernah isi pon.. uhuhu

  4. iyda..kita kena declare la our income..kalo x layak bayar pon kena declare gak.sbb dorg buat tuntutan dikemudian hari...