Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Malam Seribu Warna*

Last Friday was company so called annual dinner. Should I address it as annual dinner or something else since this event is only being organise once in every 10 is true..hahaha..Anyway..our theme is "Malam Seribu Warna" and being held in Mahkota Grand Ballroom in Hotel Istana.
Earlier on, I was appointed to be one of the committee member for this event and me handling the competition for staff performance together with few other colleague. We were having sleepless night for few days before the event but still we had fun doing our task.
Two thumbs up for our staff that turned up in their best. We are appreciate your effort to make this event a success. They are not the normal staff we have seen everyday in the office but they are all like HOLLYWOOD AND BOLLYWOOD SUPERSTARS that are ready for red carpet moment.

1 comment:

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