Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Recently my brother, Boniface was on a week holiday in KL and he stay at home with me. After a few days, he suddenly called me up telling me that he just bought two unit of handphone, Nokia E72 and Nokia suddenly transformed myself being an evil sister asked for Nokia E72 only for myself...Luckily he gave it to me and YEAY!!!!...I jump with so much fun (not actually jumping in front of him..)..well, I dont think he need another smartphone like Nokia E72 since he already have Blackberry...hahaha...Anyway, I just pray for his safety as he is working in Malaysia Embassy in Bangkok.
Cant wait to show this new gadget of mine to our little brother, Henry..hahaha...


  1. wah.... bestnyer!!!! janji FREE!!

  2. lotpi, aku x suka BB..iphone is my next target la..

    Cyana...mmg best kalo dah part dpt free tu..kekeke

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