Thursday, 29 April 2010


I just got a phone call and everything goes back to square 1 again..again and again...NOpe...I have not say YES yet ...I thought this has come to THE END few week back but I guess it is not...hmmm..He said he will stop once I legally be someone's wife. For him, time is not the issues. All he want is ME going BACK to answer is ...>>>>>>>>>>>....

And still He said HE will wait for me....sound so sweet to me BUT....NO..NO...NO..NO...hmmm...

ME: Cant we just be friend like anybody else?
HIM: I want you back...I want you back...
ME: >>>>>silent<<<<<

ME: How is mama?
HIM: I know you miss her right. Why don't you give her a call?
ME: >>>>>silent<<<<<<


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  2. Hi Marvic!!! Wahhhhhhh mcm menarik je cinta tiga segi u ni ahaks, blog la lagi.. busybody nak tahu gak! ;)

  3. marzie....mana ada menarik pon..same old story ...hahaha..xnak cerita la... :)

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