Monday, 3 May 2010

New haircut>>Rejuvenate My Life

I cut my hair this evening due to terrible headache earlier on since yesterday. Once I walked out from the hair salon, I feel so rejuvenate and fresh. Cant wait to be at the office tomorrow. I need to start packing my file and personal things from my work place as we are moving to the new office in Menara HLA, KL. 14th May will be our last day working in CP Tower but my last day will be on 10th May as I will be flying to KCH on the 11th, attending courses organize by the company.

Currently, I am sewing my next baju kurung for a wedding reception on this coming saturday...and I feel great about it as my sewing skills is getting better. Not to mention that I never had or attend proper sewing class. Thanks to my sister that taught me and thanks to the internet too... :)


  1. Syukur alhamdulillah...akhirnya aku menjadi ayah! ^_^

  2. i know..i know...hehehe...baru skrg menjenguk blog sendiri....congrats bain and myra

  3. babe Menara HLA dekat la dengan my office. Should meet up and have lunch together at KLCC. Amacam, ada berani? Hehe.
    CP Tower dalam kenangan...Tak dapat lagi jumpa mamat2 german dalam lif..hehe

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