Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bla bla bla

I have lots of thing to blog about my current life but I couldn't have the time to do so...but honestly it is because my laziness..huhu. Currently, I am busy with my personal work - sewing my baju2 raya, sometime baking experiment, baby sitting and many more. Tonight suppose to be movie night and yet I haven't decide on the movie..But I guess, I might go for Twilight: Eclipse. Not a fan for the movie thou but it doesn't matter. GSC, Pavilion KL will be the right place as it is nearby to my office. Dinner? hmm..thinking of something quick but I have Tony Roma in mind right now..huhuhu..and the movie is start at office hours end at 5.30pm

Lunch Break.... bos just left for golf session in the evening at Kirana, Puchong and yes..since i am alone at the office today, I am so going to leave the office by 5pm...

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