Thursday 29 July 2010

Live from Prince Court Medical Center I blogging life from Prince Court Medical Center, Ward 5E, Room No.4...Why am I here? I am visiting a friend of mine who admitted to the ward due to gallstone. Now she is doing fine after going through operation yesterday evening. At this moment (while I am typing here), they are exchanging scary story that happen to them (the nurses) in Prince Court...bla bla bla...dont want to here anything..huhuhu

* The Lift
* Basement parking
* Staff Office

* Children running across them at 2am....


  1. eee...betul ke Marvic? tp kan, kt hospital mmg selalu ada citer bukan². ^_^'

  2. betul bain...masa update post ni pon tangan menggigil je dengar..tu yg siap ada typo error...pastu terus balik...dah la i parked my car kat basement 2..huhuhu