Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Meeting with Roxychicks

Last Sunday was the day that Roxychicks and I finally met after two years of blogging. I engaged her to do make up for Diana's engagement. Our check point was KLCC and then we drove to Kpg Baru. The meeting was so much fun and MANY THANKS TO ROXYCHICKS.

Roxy in action

Before - Diana Sabrina - After
Make up by: Roxychicks

Definitely will recommend Roxy for any job like this in the future....or maybe for mine?...ahakss


The sisters and I
Marvic, Athirah, Ariana, Diana

Roses for nobody
need to polish my photography skills again


  1. alamak.. malu nyaa!

    anyway thanks again to you! and sorry for not being able to stay and chit chat! and i definitely owe you something!! hope to meet u again soon k!

    and thanks again for rescuing her fake eyelashes.. hehe..

    and triple thanks for this dedicated entry! xoxo!

    p/s: perasan tak yang kita tak amik gambar berdua?? i only realised that masa tengah sibuk carik jalan keluar... aisehhh...

  2. oo.. dayung.. you have grown up so much already.. so used to see you in primary school last time. i still remember you as the girl who have the nicest and thickest hair that i know of :)

  3. roxy...skrg baru teringat yg kita x ambik gambar berdua..huhuhu..xpe..masih ada masa time perhaps..

    Nimi...thanks...didnt know that someone can still recognized me after so many years..thanks for the compliments and still I have that thick hair and i'm not so sure of the nicest part..dah byk chemical diguna kat rambut the way..u are? cant recall any name at all... :D

  4. ur senior masa st. patrick. i'm sure u know me, i think my younger brother might be the same class as u :)

  5. Nimi, who is ur younger brother then?..maybe i can recalled his has been so long already bah... :D

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