Sunday, 8 August 2010

Engagement of Lokman & Norzila

Lokman Halim & Norzila Zakaria

Tepak Sirih

Sarawak Layer Cake

A bouquet of Ferrero Rocher

Arrived at the Norzila's house

Yesterday, 7th August 2010 is a big day for Lokman Halim Sabu & Norzila Zakaria. Its the day of their engagement. Lokman is my officemate and we both actually come from the same hometown. He found his love, Norzila from Ampang and they agreed to go to the next level of their relationship and soon will tie a knot by this coming December. Since, he told me about the engagement plan, my friend and I work out together and help him with his dulang hantaran since Lokman's family is not around to help him with the preparation.

Cik Kiah (my assistant) and I went to Petaling Street around 6.30 am to get fresh flower and from there we went to Bricksfield for some other things. We are a bit frustrated as we did not take any picture along the way.Anyway, enjoy the pictures above.

Congratulations to Lokman and Norzila.

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