Monday 26 July 2010

Sisterhood Moment

Kak Tetty is here in KL since last Friday and we finally met up yesterday evening at Pavilion. It has been so long that we have not meet up, and I try to make it happen when she called me yesterday. Firstly, we meet her friend at La Bodega, and then had our cit cat for an hour. Then the two of us went to Clinique as Kak Tetty wanted to join Clinique Make Over which is actually for CLINIQUE Star Tour 2010 with CLEO. So, that is what we do at Pavilion...the outcome;

Me, nothing much change

Tetty Irma

Both look Gorgeous right?... :p

But, I love the lipstick colour, not the one that they put it on me but the one that I got it free, its Twilight Nude in colour. Today, I put it on my lips and suddenly feel like Bella in Twilight Movie series..hahaha...

A glimpse of Bella with the same lipstick colour;


  1. Alamak sis. ada jugak gambar kita kat Pavillion aritue ek. Anyway, thanks 4 the time and make up make up thingie... anyway... miss you so much and I hope ader masa kita jumpa lagik kay sis.. muahsssss...

  2. Sis, a glimps of you can be seen here lah.. sayang akak tak nampak..,%20Kuala%20Lumpur_2

  3. mena ka kak tet?..terus kmk buka link ya nek tok..hahaha..nampak belakang kmk ajak la kak tet..tapi sik apa..janji nampak..wakakaka

    i really had fun too...