Thursday, 22 July 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

I watch the movie last night but didnt make it at GSC Pavilion but in TGV, Suria KLCC. The reason of last minute change of plan is because I choose to have my dinner at Chilis...hehehe..There, I ordered;

and Coke for my drink. The movie start at 8pm and since I was full, I tend to fall asleep and I did for a while during the movie...hahaha..that's me. That is why I don't really enjoy watch movie at cinema but I rather prefer to watch dvd at home...then I can pause the movie whenever I need to go to the ladies, or getting something from the kitchen or even taking a nap. Sound lazy huh...

Comment about that movie; Ok and no further comment from me...hahaha

p/s: But I love Jacob's six pack and Edward's love towards Bella...and Bella's hair too...Love it so much.. :p

pic courtesy from

exactly the place I want to have a romantic date.... :p

Taken by: Roshidi Abu Bakar

Does this picture can beat above picture of Edward & Bella?

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