Sunday, 22 August 2010


HIDUP SEORANG BLOGGER (Life of a Blogger) can be very interesting as in geting to know lots of people/blogger from all walks of life. You can learn about almost everything from A to Z, every tiny thing to a huge matter that may change your life forever...I have been a blogger since year 2007 after Emila Yusof, who was my colleague back then, told me about the good thing having a blog and being a blogger and introduced me two free blog domain that is blogspot and wordpress. I choose blogspot since it is much more easier for me who is not an IT literate..

Again as for me, HIDUP SEORANG BLOGGER (Life of a Blogger) can be very challenging over time due to time management and mind blockage. Back then I were juggling with work, classes and assignment for my postgraduate courses, traveling here and there and blogging as well. Not to mention that I has been emotionally challenge with personal stuff as well. Thus, this blog of mine have been the only medium for me to express myself or to keep myself distracted from negative thought about life. HIDUP SEORANG BLOGGER (Life of a blogger) is not easy for me who has no discipline to blog like any blogger. Sometimes, it took me more than a month to write a new post. But, whenever I have the right mood with the right topic, I can write more that two post in a day. Being a blogger with Pagerank 2, I dont really know much about SEO or anything that goes with it but thanks to other blogger that did post about it with more detail in simple explanation for someone like me.. :p

You must be wondering why on earth did I keep highlighting this phrase "HIDUP SEORANG BLOGGER" (Life of a Blogger) in this entry. Actually, I've just enrolled my blog for this SEO Contest- HIDUP SEORANG BLOGGER" organized by Denaihati.Com. This is my first time joining this kind of contest and joining it just for fun. Others has been put up their entry specially for this contest and I have read a few of it and theirs is very informative.But I dont know about mine. All I know is that I am mumbling about my life as a blogger and I thought that it suits well with that phrase "HIDUP SEORANG BLOGGER"...trying my luck if this entry can make her way at least Rank 30 and above since there is 70 blogger all over the place is trying their best in this contest of SEO Contest "HIDUP SEORANG BLOGGER".


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