Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Please vote for Mikayla



How to Vote Mikayla?

1) Click LIKE at BabyGroom.Com
2) Click LIKE at 1st Anniversary Photo Contest
3) Click LIKE at Mikayla's Photo

I enrolled Mikayla photo in 1st Anniversary Photo Contest that were held by This is Kayla's first time being in such contest since her birth. This photo was taken when Kayla was 6 months old by Roshidi Abu Bakar, a dear friend of mine who is a freelance photographer (had a group called DReyanzColour Group) and a blogger as well.

Voting is still on until 31st August 2010.

How To Participate?
Step 1: Like our fan page (be our fan!)
Step 2: Upload a photo of your cute child to our fan page
Step 3: Write your child's details to the uploaded photo
Join Photo Contest
- Child's Name
- Age
- Gender
- Location

After we have upload your photo to Contest Album,

Step 4: Click "Like" on your child's photo
Step 5: Click "Share" on your child's photo
Step 6: Inform your family & friends to be a fan and vote for your child
Step 7: Click "Share" to post voting message to your profile

When To Vote?
Photo Contest uploading starts NOW till 31st August 2010
Anyone can start voting as soon as photo is uploaded to the Contest Album
Voting ends on 31st August 2010 at 5.00PM

How To Vote?
Just click "Like" under your favourite photo in the Contest Album
Votes on fan photo will not be counted, please vote from Contest Album only

Prize For The Top Winner:
Grand Prize: RM100 JUSCO Voucher (x1)

Terms & Conditions:
Open for children age 0-5 years old. One child can only upload one (1) photo to participate
The child with highest votes (with Likes) will win
Winner will be announced on 4th September 2010
BabyGroom reserves the rights to use the photo for advertising purposes

Who will know if your baby can win this photo, what are u waiting for? Enroll your baby now and LETS US VOTE EACH OTHER...


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kiutnye. anak sape nih?

  2. iyda, ni la anak angkat la for her..

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