Friday 17 September 2010

Carnival Expo Malaysia 2010

Cinderella was here

Me with Alvin Chipmunks
Fireworks 2

I was at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (Maeps) for Carnival Expo Malaysia 2010. Organised by PROMODEX Exposition Sdn Bhd, this carnival is promising the biggest expo ever in Malaysia which brings together the widest choice of consumer products and services under one roof, with great bargains and deals that Malaysian should not miss out. Crowds can look forward to exciting fireworks, hot air balloons, masquerade party, live music and contests. Held from 16 -19 September 2010, the carnival open to public from 10.30 am until 10.00 pm.

Children will love the place as there is Disney mascots all around the place and it is definitely a great place for family with children.

You going to love it as I did last night and I will be there tomorrow to check around for great deal on products..Means weekend shopping for me...YESSS!!!!!!


  1. HMM.. kenapa alvin chipmunk bajunya 'E'?
    bukan patutnya 'A' ke? eehehehe

  2. jgn kan ko murni, aku dgn indra pon gelak besar bila tengok balik gambar2 ni..event ni org cina yg ko cuba la sebut dgn cina nye sebutan...lebih sama je kan..hahahaha

  3. Cantiklah gambar fire work kau ni. Guna camera pe yeee?