Wednesday 15 September 2010

Wedding in November: Luahan Perasaan Seorang Adik

I just found out that my second brother is getting marry with his girlfriend in this coming November and the wedding will take place in Kuantan, Pahang. A confirmation by himself through a reply to my messages inquiry about it. Mom told me about it last week and she mentioned that the wedding will be in December. As usual, my mom is not in the mood to discuss about the wedding as my brother is marrying a Muslim. She has issue with any of her children convert into Islam and marrying a Muslim. I don't know why does a son always make decision without discussing it with his family especially when he is going to marrying someone from different race/religion and not even trying hard to get blessing from parents. It seem that they (my brother and his girlfriend) are going to do the same mistake that has been done by our elder brother. As if they are not respecting their own parent who has been dutifully taking care of them since birth until they successfully being what they are now. Out of nowhere, we got the news that the wedding will be in November. No wonder mom is upset about it. Come on guys, we still have mom and dad okay.We have family and tradition that need to be respect.

I am so getting myself a headache about this...haiya... I am been thinking about mine... I did breaking off with someone that I am so much in love previously due to different religion because I don't want him going through such hardship (family argument and so forth...) I hurt him deeply for his own good (from my own perspective and many other personal issue). And still I am getting myself into the same situation now with different person. Why is my love life is so challenging and not like anyone else???? Some may says that God works mysteriously....hmmm...

To the one that I love ---> you know who you are ---> I am so sorry for everything...and I am happy for you now as you have found someone else. Someone better than me...

To the one that currently with me ---> you know who you are ---> Are you sure about being with me? I am okay if you want to back off and start it all over again with someone else.. :p


  1. its so complicated... fuh, cakap omputeh pulak.

  2. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Marvic!!!~ Berhati² di jln raya dan di lebuh raya...^_^'

  3. Lotpi, mmg complicated...migrain terus dtg...and skrg dah ok sbb aku dh luahkan perasaan kat abg aku..kita tunggu dah lihat je nanti...

    bain, selamat hari raya aidilfitri ... :D