Thursday 2 September 2010

Heirloom Bowls

I got to know about this Heirloom Bowls from Martha Steward's blog and I click on the link to feed my curiosity about it. They were all made from a wood and its from a wood call Black Ash Burl and currently rare be found in Maine to Minnesota. This Black Ash Burl is significantly used by Native American Indians fro their bowl. They are offered as a set of 7 at it cost around US Dollar 5,000.00. Just imagine the price if it reach Malaysia. Must be a boom.

Honestly, I like this wood bowl due to its uniqueness with lovely texture and well proportioned in shapes and weight. But then, I can only satisfy with the use of my current mixing bowl;

If only I can add any one of these into my baking apparel. Either the plain brown colour or the colourful ceramic mixing bowls that also come together with measurement

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