Wednesday 1 September 2010

Purple Curtain

I sew my own curtain at home and I choose purple colour for the night curtain and off-white see thru for day curtain. Actually, I bought the material in September 2010 and in between I try to sew it and finally done last saturday. I am so proud having to sew my own curtain with my choice of colour. Now I feel like having my own place which I should call it MY HOME. But I have not done with the decor yet. I am planning to move myself to the master room and make my current room as guest room and project room (for my sewing project).

Purple in colour

Two layer curtain

In day time

This curtain will stay there until 3 years the most before I can change to different colour...Unless I still into purple colour then the curtain will still have to stay giving the most service I need...PRIVACY >> day & night<<


  1. hahaaa..dh berzaman beli rasonyo..baru pasang kew?? hahaa..

  2. Very nice indeed. My better half also loves purple and I'm looking for something like this for our room. Thanks.