Wednesday 1 September 2010

Iftar with the Gurls @ Italianies

Venue for Iftar 2010

Last Monday was the day that we have plan to organize our annual gathering for Iftar. This time around we choose Italianies @ The Gardens. Erince and Leena was unable to join us because of morning sickness (Erince) and preggy with 9 months (Leena). However, the gathering is still on and it is so HAVOC with gossips, jokes and news update with each other.

(excluded Wan as the camerawomen)

Us again including Wan
(Shime take turn taking picture)

Me ready to take my orders

My appertizers

My main course - Salmon Baked on Piza

My dessert - Strawberry Cheese Cake

Bill of the night... :p

Year 2009 @ The Apartment
Year 2008 @ Ikea

Iftar @ Office

Few of Us

Me with Meuthia & Shima as my background

Side dish

Nasi Bukhara - main course

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