Wednesday 13 October 2010

Blogger Gathering @ HRC, Kuala Lumpur

1st Oct 2010 is the day when a group of blogger who have made friends virtually for more than 3 years actually meet up for real. All of us agreed to have this gathering at Hard Rock Cafe, Kuala Lumpur.
I was among the blogger who attend this first gathering ever and we are so excited about it. The idea about this gathering has been voice out by Shemah, LadyJava and Marzie who then create an event about it in FB, inviting those who we have made friends virtually. After numerous invitation and rsvp by fellow bloggers, only few of us who finally turn up;

 Courtesy of Emila Yusof
Marzie and B, LadyJava and husband, A, Shemah, Emilayusof, Adrian and wifey, Bem69 and Soulie, Bella Enveeus and BF and Haaqiz and friend.

Then of course, aside of chatting and eating, we were all crazy taking picture of the moments..Here is some of the shoot.

 Soulie, Shemah & Marvic

I had Norwegian Salmon Fillet

 Gifts from EmilaYusof, Marzie and Ladyjava..thanks ladies

 Adrian, wifey and Marvic

 Marzie & Marvic

Our bill of the nite: RM811 ++

All of us really had fun meeting each other and hopefully there will be more activities like this in the future. We now can tell people out there that blogging is a healthy hobby as we get to know people in both way, virtually and in reality...hehehe..


  1. hehe.. so glad you can make it to the gathering Marvic.. it was nice getting to know the person behind the blog..

    psst.. it's LadyJava not Ladyjaya.. lol!

  2. ayo...sorry LJ..what were i thinking back then....huhuhu..saya siap menukar sekarang jugak...:D