Tuesday 12 October 2010

BERNAS Open House 2010

Front Row: Erince, Intan, Indra
Back Row: Arein, CK, Marvic

 Erince, Meuthia, Marvic & Indra

Marvic with her Tall, Dark & Handsome Bos, AA

BERNAS and her group of Companies - Tradewinds (M), Tradewinds Plantation, CSR Sdn Bhd & Padang Terap Sdn Bhd successfully held another program of Eid ul-fitr celebration for staffs and clients at Crown Plaza on the 1st Oct 2010. As usual, my friend and I were on duty for the evening session (for corporate client). In the morning, we enjoying ourselves with colleagues with taking photo, catching up each other and so on. We really had our time but unfortunately for few of our dear friend that could not make it due to morning sickness and under confinement..Otherwise, we might conquering the hall with our cam-whoring activities...hehehe..Oh yes..I managed to get my Tall, Dark & Handsome boss named AA to take picture with me...hahaha


  1. aku rasakan warna yang cerah gitu, memang suit to you. Kalau boleh elakan warna polos sbb you terlalu sihat sekarang ni. Warna polos nampak lg cihat leee. Intro la kat aku yang tudung kuning tuuu.

  2. hahaha....yg tudung royal yellow tu namanya sharifah Munirah, kitorg panggil intan je..a wife to farid anuar and a mother to Lulu alwana...hehehe

  3. Alamak! kenapa selalu mcm tu yeeeee? Bila kita nak kenen ckit, mesti peluang tertutup. Pe pe pun. Kirim salam je laaaa.c uuu

  4. hahaha..member td dah berbunga plak bila bgtau ada org berkenan..hahaha

  5. yes, she should be 'flowerish'. Memang dia cantik kaannnnn!

  6. cantek la sbb keturunan arab..hehehe