Tuesday 12 October 2010

Design of our own

 Ovia with her design

The sleeve

Ovia is my 11 years old niece and she designed her own dress too. She has been doing so since last December 2009. At first she play around with beads and now she sketching design of her own dress on a piece of paper and pass it to her mother to sew it for her. I am so proud of her because I never thought of doing this during her age except playing water raft, climbing trees at our orchard or went fishing with the boys..hehehe..She said that she get her inspiration from the magazines or tv series at Astro. Clever girl indeed. I am so putting high hope on her  to be a designer in the future. Then she can design exclusive couture for me.. yay!!!.. :D

Bead design - Morning Glory 

On the arm sleeve

Marvic with Serituah, a colleague during BERNAS Open House 2010 @ Crown Plaza Hotel.

Like Ovia, I too design and put together my creation for the Eid ul-Fitr celebration recently. This time around I managed to make the sleeve as I desired before and I am so satisfied with the end result. I am so into Sarawak motif for my skirt. Proud with my heritage. I am so excited about my current skills on sewing baju next aim is maxi dress for Christmas which is just around the corner.

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