Monday 25 October 2010

Museums of Broken Relationships


Museums of Broken Relationships in Croatia. This is for real seriously. A place for anyone who like to share an  emotional journey through hundreds of broken relationships all over the globe. The museums has been receiving 1000 visitors per week since their opening. Their exhibits is include a teddy bear, handcuffs, a wedding dress and and an axe too...Sounds hilarious but this really show how much life of love can implied to someone..Aside from that, they also have virtual collection which you can read e-mails, Messages and photograph of your bygone love. However, if you are interested to donate your item from your last love relationships, you may do so by filling in the form and and send it together with the exhibit and they will surely be glad to exhibit it along with others. Or you can always email them for any inquiries. I still have anything to send over? Yes...I do and I am not sure whether I want to give it up or not. :p

His favourite Superhero - Superman. I bought this for him as his collectible item but never had the chance to give it to him


  1. Wow! I didn't know such a thing existed!! I think if I were to give something, it would be my ex's glasses. Dunno why he gave it to me.. and when I went back to my hometown to clean my old room, I found it! hahaha

    So how long have you kept the Superman plasters? :D Kesian, never had the chance to give it to him..

  2. Shemah, i just found out about the museums through newspaper then i google it for more info..oh..u should send it over..hahaha
    i've kept it for almost 2 years and many other things is still with me.. :p

  3. I was unaware of this. have to visit it soon. Million thanks for sharing. Hope after going there i will get back my girl friend..thanks

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  4. hai JD, i think it is very interesting with such a museum concept..gudluck for getting back ur gf.. :D