Monday 25 October 2010

Life As We Know It - Movie

Poster Courtesy: ReelMoviesNews.Com

I have been waiting for this movie to be release and finally it is last 21st October 2010. I have not watching it yet but I know this movie would not disappoint me as the movie trailer itself has speaks herself out...Cant wait for tonight..Seriously I love to watch romantic comedy kind of movie...and of course Katherine Heigl..just love her hair do...want mine to like hers... :p ...and JOsh Duhamel..sweet guy as ever..

Suddenly, it remind me of The Backup Plan - movie... I am so ready to have child of my own....but wait...marry first la we keep that plan aside...

Life as we know it in my case - single and work away from home..have lots of friends all around the globe.Thank goodness that Internet keep us closer via blogging, face-booking and up to the trend now is twitter...hehehe...Soon, I'll be away from current location to a new one until further notice..Even until now, I have not receive any letter regarding to that matter and yet my superior says someday middle in Nov..Thus, I take the opportunity to experience life at somewhere else. I take it positively as I know there must be something good for me, at least my career..such a career seeker...  :p now enough about that story of me going away from KL..

Another chapter in my life is taking care of a child named Mikayla like my own daughter. She is such adorable baby girl. Now that she is aged 1, she started to walk and love to eat fries and cookies..and most important is she has the potential to be a shopaholic as she loves her moment in children department choosing her own attire. She already have 6 pair of shoes at her age. Blame it on me and her mother who like to shop for her. Its never been enough for our Kayla. I can relate the movie - Life as we know it -  with my stories with Kayla except that her mother is still much alive and going well with her life. But the difficulty, tiredness and hassle during taking care of Kayla since 3 months old will be always in my memories. Sometimes, I wish that Kayla is mine but of course not right.. so, I promise myself that I will take care of her as long as I live like my own child. I cant wait for the moment that she will running here and there or bouncing around happily at the mall.. and her hair too.... :p

Marvic & Mikayla

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