Wednesday 26 January 2011

1st Fever Attack in KK

My companion since last night

Its my first fever attack in KK. I started to feel uneasy when I were driving back home after work. It getting even worse after few hours. Then I gather any energy left to drive myself around looking for a clinic. Not that long that I realized this is not KL that have clinic which open 24 hours almost everywhere. Then I started to feel worry as I dont even know places around. My first destination is at Lido, situated about 5 km from home. I know they have wet market, KFC but not sure about clinic. But lucky for me that they do have clinic that open 24 hours...its Lau & Chong Surgery Clinic..go there after I parked my car.Doc says that I am allergic to dust, low temperature (told u..its the office aircond). he prescribed me with PCM for fever, antibiotic and of course a tiny yellowish tablet for my flu..Done with the short visit, I went to KFC to take away my dinner... I took my on leave today without medical certificate (MC).. I slept all day long and up only for my lunch and take my  medicine.. I make myself a porridge. But I miss my mom's porridge...huhuhu... 

I dont like medicine at all. But this time around I had to take it anyway..Lucky me that I have Kit Kat chocolate and Coke .so I can get rid the terrible taste of the medicine..  I know it is not healthy having  coke along with medicine but I had too.. :p

p/s: I want Double Cheese Burger and Dunkin Donut.. huhuhu

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