Wednesday 2 February 2011

I Tweet 2011

I have just noticed that I have been tweeting for 2011 of tweets on February 2, 2011...the number look nice to me.. :)

Thanks to my 40 of followers... love uolss so much..muahhhhhh


  1. aww that's nice :) cuma the pelik part, why do you go and tolak 5 cars by yourself? O.o

    I, on the other hand, sedang tunggu my tweets naik ke 9,999. Heehee

  2. bella...kes tolak cars amost every morning is due to double parking at my neighbourhood..duduk kawasan flat mmg mcm ni kot...tis morning its old toyota, kancil, wira n persona...damn berat that old toyota n persona...physically i'm fit ..muahahaha