Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Xi Nian Kuai Le

Xi Nian Kuai Le 
(happy new year) 

Wan Shi Ru Yi 
(may all your wishes be fullfilled)

I would like to wish all my chinese readers out there, xi nian kuai le, wan shi ru yi...All malaysian will celebrate chinese new year starting today on chinese new year eve with family dinner. Again, I stayback in KK for my road trip to Kundasang, Ranau and to Kudat ~ Tg Simpang Mengayau (Tips of Borneo) which I have plan months earlier. I guess my mother should be busy preparing for our family dinner as usual. Mak is a Hakka and married to Bapak, who is a Bidayuh, native in Sarawak. She still continue the her tradition, having family dinner during chinese new year eve for her family without fail. Then of course Bapak will be giving red packet of angpow to the small ones. Oranges is a must. A small celebration but we do enjoy ourselves. Then on the 2nd day, we will go for visiting to our aunties and small kid, I only enjoy myself getting the angpow...hahaha...

However....wish all malaysian who heading back home a safe journey... :p

p/s: just found out that Lee Kuan Yew, Sun Yat Sen, Chow Yun Fatt is also Hakka.. mak' surname is Voon.. :p

tonite ~ makan sorg2.. :(