Monday 24 January 2011

Never Be Forgotten

Taken during my last day in KL ~ 22nd Dec 2011

With Mommey Umar, Raihan, two days before

They has been my friends since I start my day work in KL..that was Sept 2006. Since then we were like a clan..seriously a CLAN... we went for breakfast every morning, lunch every afternoon, spent our fantastic weekends together..We do shared our tears, laughter and even our sorrow during days together. We kept our secret nicely without telling others...Only we know who we are..Since 2006, one by one tied their knot with their other half which finally left only 5 of us still searching our true love :p .... but still even after the other half of us have different status (as a wife..and a mother), we still stick with each other like there is no other day.. :p

Thank you for being my BFF while I were there and of course thanks for being there for me..

Our next holiday plan is to climb Mount Kinabalu in May...woohoo..the girls is climbing up to the mountain... Cik Kiah....come, lets us get ourselves ready..


  1. You already found true love dy.. waiting to be tied je.. *ahem* :P Wow! Climb Mount Kinabalu? Oh, I baca pun dah termengah2 ni.. LOL

  2. hahaha bella... *ahem* x tau...x tau... :p

    jom join us climb mount kinabalu.. kita daki berlengang-lengang jer.. :)