Monday 17 January 2011

"Dendang Anak Perantau"

"Dendang Anak Perantau" is a song.. its a Eid ul-fitr Song in Malaysia..but I am not writing about the song but more on my updates being a way from family and friends...not that this were my 1st time being away but I am being away from everyone else that I know as a family of my own at new place named Kota Kinabalu.. I have been traveling to this city before and love the place so much as there is white sandy beach everywhere and up inland they have beautiful view of mountains.


The view in the picture superb right. I will be there to witness the nature myself... now how I wish that I have camera of my own... kecik pon jadi... :p

Kecik ke my wishlist !!!!!!

Hopefully I can have this Nikon D300 by end of this year.. Amen...


  1. marvic babe...D300 tu tk kecik ler.. pro's camera. D3000 for semi-pro.. wahhhh!!! sabah byk tempat best ek? sampai terus ada wishlist. hehe

  2. cyana..sbb tu la aku tanya balik kat post aku "kecik ker wishlish aku"..hahaha

  3. En/Puan/Cik Yujiayao or Spam, ye nanti saya tengok kalo nak beli taps ..hahaha

    Kak emi...mmg niat nak beli..harap2 tercapai tahun ni... :)