Wednesday 12 January 2011

#TanyaNajib Begini #JawabNajib Begitu

Twitter has becoming a trend nowadays and catching up with Facebook. Not only among blogger, artists / entertainers, entrepreneur but also ministers have their own twitter account. This include Malaysia Prime Minister until he came out with the idea of giving opportunity to all Malaysian to ask him by tweeting their question to #TanyaNajib . Here is some of silly question that I browse through by an hour ago.

~ ~ ~

wjazairi: #tanyanajib binatang apa yang ade keris di kaki? 

@AzizanTajuddin: #tanyanajib dulu pernah buat mohawk tak?

@AzizanTajuddin: #tanyanajib mcmane jalan shortcut nk pg damansara?

@littlejermz: #tanyanajib u should be 24/7 listening to the Rakyat, not only once during yur term and only till 6pm? shows how much our voice counts..

 chekwan: #tanyanajib : Yang mana best? tandas duduk yang takde getah paip atau tandas cangkung yang ada getah paip? 

 PutraPermai: Why do you call it 1Malaysia when we have 2 different privileges for MALAYSIANS? #tanyanajib 

 farwalis: #tanyanajib Berapakah bilangan lubang di jalan raya Malaysia? 

@casuallyzapa: Datuk Seri kenapa relationship status FB Datuk Seri cakap "its complicated"? #tanyanajib

@TheAshraffA: 6% government tax ? MPs tak cukup makan ke ? #tanyanajib

~ ~ ~

Out of ten, I can only read 1 good question that related with the nation development. Other than that is just silly question or sounded sarcastic. Sometime I feel that we chose to be very shallow and making this as a Malaysia Jokes of the Year rather than using this channel to voice ourselves to the government. Whether they taking it seriously or not is up to them but at least we make use of the channel for good. Dont you think that it show our silliness to the eyes of the world.

Like Malay' Say ~  "Tepuk Dada Tanya Selera"

Next should be #JawabNajib

p/s: #tanyanajib ~ when can i be tax free from everything?  :p


  1. Oh goodness.. That "relationship status" is funny.. And the lubang too.. Sarcastic yeah, but not far from the truth.

    However, he should do something like this more often, or on a more serious platform. Because asking through Twitter like this, is like melepas batuk di tangga je. Big possibility that all the issues being raised just die with the timeline..

  2. *HDR on animals! Jom layan...^_^

    #tanyanajib~Datuk seri tau tak HDR tu apa? hehe ^_^'

  3. bella...somehow all the question make my day for real.. hahaha..but i think malaysian should take it as serious matter than making jokes out of it..

    bain... #jawabnajib~teach me about HDR ...:p