Monday 14 March 2011

Herve Leger Femme by Max Azria

Beautifully she walk down in a seductive yet exclusive couture of Herve Leger by Max Azria. Created for sophisticated style of today's woman, this iconic 'bandage dress' comes together with Herve Leger fragrance.

Leaves an unforgettable impression, "this fragrance captures the iconic styles of Herve Leger, which evokes the very essences of sensuality", says Max Azria, Designer and CEO for Herve Leger.

Herve Leger is for the woman who wants to feel sexy, empowered and confident which hugs every curve with flawless seduction. The woody floral scent unfolds with sparkling Chinese magnolia Flower kissed with Sicilian Pink Grapefruit. A sensual heart reveals Morrocan Orange Flower blended with Honeywood, leading to a sexy, smoked based of warm Benzoin tears, Cypress Wood and Vanilla.

Being first collaboration with iconic design house Herve Leger, the fragrance is housed in a bottle that captures the modern, iconic shape of Herve Leger dress, echoing the 'bandage' effect that makes the designs so distinctive.

The combination of the fragrance and 'bandage' dress simply wrap woman in seduction. It is the dangerously sexy seduction that woman has been looking for in a scent that will makes him stay and always wanting more.

Honestly I love the scent and keep spraying myself with the parfum from time to time. I even have it on me for the whole weekend during wedding of my sister, Diana Sabrina. I was totally feel so empowered and confident in a flawless seduction and most important thing is that he never left me behind throughout the day...Yay!!!!...

I was one of the luckiest blogger that be able to witnessed Herve Leger Femme Fragrance launched by Avon Malaysia at JW Marriot Hotel on March 3rd 2011 together with Emila Yusof, Marzie and LadyJava. We were briefed about Herve Leger launching by Avon Malaysia Team, Elaine Aisyah, Avon Malaysia's Public Relations Manager, NoorAshikin Selamat, Avon Malaysia's Brand Communications Manager, and of course Givaudan's Representative, Sreevidhya Venkatesh were there too. The event was also attended by Avon Malaysia's President, Mansor Wan Abdullah and Avon Malaysia's Head of Marketing, Sahara Noon.

Nur Fazura, a well known actress in Malaysia also been there beautifully wrapped herself in that iconic 'bandage dress' of Herve Leger and walk around with a bottle of Herve Leger Femme. 

Herve Leger Femme will be available for 50ml, RM109.00 (S&S RM125.35) from Avon Dealers, Avon Beauty Boutique, nationwide starting tomorrow March 16th 2011. Each purchase of 1 Herve Leger Eau de Parfum Spray for Her 50ml will be entitled for a Herve Leger Tote Bag. 


  1. Fazura dpt TMJ..CK xnak ke dpt TJ...huhuhu

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