Monday 14 March 2011

Gorgeously in Peach

Peach in colour

I make this baju kurung moden last month for about two weeks from combining all the pieces till beading work. It is for the wedding occasion of Diana Sabrina and her husband, Sabaruddin that took place in Kuala Lumpur on March 5th 2011. Fabric is embroidery cotton in sweet peach colour. Bought it at Jakel, Menggatal Branch.. and seriously one expensive material that I work with. Although it is quite expensive, I fall in love with the material once I lay my eyes on it. Looks very exquisite indeed.Totally added into my portfolio as a self taught 'designer'...hahaha..but I do satisfied with the end result.

Beads work on the sleeve
Detail on the beads, I simply sew a simple trail of green or silver colour of glass bead and form it into a flower that has been nicely embroidery on the fabric. Follow with a small white colour of pearl that sew into a baby daisy.

Striking a pose with one of the relative, Neva



  2. Wow! Pheewittt! Got beading work some more! I also want to sew my own la. But still haven't found the right self-taught video or the inspiration to do so :P

  3. Ashoda..will visit ur new link soon

    Bella...u are going to have fun creating one of your design..cepat cari online tutorial...attending 1 class is so expensive ..hehehe

  4. beb.. nak tempah baju kt ko bley ker? hehe.

    new gadget.. new baju.. happy belated birthday dear!

  5. Hellooooooo Fiqa.... :D

    sharna..... ko nak tempah ker? sila pastikan tempahan itu utk dipakai 10 tahun akan baju...skrg tunggu for new BF jer..hahaha

  6. wow...good work maria...keep it up...