Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The newly wed of Diana Sabrina & Sabaruddin

 The newly wed of Diana Sabrina & Sabaruddin

"Nana, congrats to both of you. Be a good wife, a good daughter in law and don't forget your parent and your siblings. They still need you as their daughter and sister in anyway they need you too."

The 'hantaran' from the bride was done by me.But honestly i'm not really satisfied with my work as the material is very limited and does my creativity. Having few aunties sat around me and keep giving their opinion on my work and even ask me to do this and that is so not cool...sorry ler sayang...I was so stress working around them. So the 'hantaran' turned out to be just simple and plain only..huhuhu..even I dont even have the time to take photo of each as time were running out for me to get myself ready.

But I love the bride bouquet.. Each for 'nikah' and 'sanding'. I make it for the bride upon request from the bride's mother..I think I delivered my work. I used white roses surrounded with purplish pink mini flower while for the next day event I used peach and red carnation. Dont you just love the bouquet? I do... :)

The wedding cake was marvelous. Thanks to Kak Azlin from Bandar Baru  Bangi who willing to bake and design the cake exactly like what I have in mind...Its chocolate moist cake covered with fondant cream company with little cupcakes.

Overall the wedding was a success. Congrats to the bride's family and relatives that really make it a success. Anyhow, it remind me about a successful event should be accompany with good planning and execution with great team works... I hope I wont 'menyusahkan' other people when it comes to mine.. hehehe