Friday 8 April 2011

In the Cockpit with Pilot

A lifetime experience that I encounter during my last traveling on air. I was being invited by the Capt. Zuri to be with him and his co-pilot in the cockpit. It was my return flight from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu but had one stop transit in Sandakan. I was with my colleague Nurul Ain on that return flight which during the transit period, we were having a conversation whereby she were wondering if we can actually take picture or pay a visit to the cockpit. So I being myself, bravely asked the on duty steward if we actually can take picture with the pilot. He then convey our request to the on duty pilot. Of course he say YES..we can have the meeting in the cockpit but can not take any picture in there. He told us that he will let us know when will it. I thought it will be after we land safely in KK. But then I was wrong. I was taking my short nap when the charmed steward wake me up and told me that the Captain would like to see me. Definitely it is not after landing. I called up my colleague Nurul and tell her about it but the steward say only one person can go it. Since Nurul were not feeling well so I took the opportunity. 

I walk pass other passenger following the steward from behind. In no time.. I were there in the cockpit area. They actually invited me to sit in with them through out the flight until we land in KK. I were so excited like a little girl getting herself a nice princess gown....I got the chance to talk with both pilot. Surprisingly Captain Zuri is living in the same neighborhood with me. Small world indeed. heeeee... Talking about what I seen and experience inside the cockpit is something that I would really treasure it since that visual memories is the only thing that I had with me. The night view of KK from the cockpit is so amazing. We were flying at 6700 feet above sea level and slowly the plane making it turn to the left toward the KK. When we were about to land at the airport, Capt. Zuri asked me to hold on both side of their back seat with my arm for precaution only...heeee.. hold on the pilot's shoulder also can right... :D 

I too listen to all of their conversation with airport tower and I were quite impressive with their professionalism in the conversation. Even until now I can feel the excitement in me being with them in the cockpit. At least I have story of my own to tell my children and grandchildren.. :D

 View in the cockpit looks a bit like the one the picture except that we flown at night time.


  1. best nya dapat experience cam tu, psl ni nk request jugak lah

  2. gudluck ye nanti cik lily putih.. kalo dpt jgn lupa update terus kat blog.. :)