Tuesday 28 June 2011

My Own Favicon

I read Kujie entry on how to make your own Favicon. Click here for her entry on Favicon. In short, Favicon is a favorites icon  or also known as shortcut icon for website, URL or bookmark icon. Most of bloggers have their own favicon since 2009 and as usually I fashionably be among the last of group to put up my own favicon. I goggled with MR GOOGLE..for the Favicon tutorial for dummies like me..hahaha. until I found blog of Ayu CandyGulaGulaBeracun for her simple tutorial on favicon. She put up this entry June, 13 2010 and only be found by me a year later.. Still many thank to this sweet girl for her simple tutorial.

I actually used the only profile picture that carry the brand name of NotesByMarvic which is created by Emila Yusof. You can always contacted her if you want to commission her to make one for you. Just drop her an email or simply drop her a message in here. Currently Emila Yusof is away for her holiday trip in Seoul, South Korea sponsored by Malaysia Airlines Travel. Read her latest entry about her Seoul travel adventures in here.

Here is Before & After:




  1. love emila's artwork~! great choice for putting it up as yr favicon, marvic! :)

  2. yup...i only use that artwork of hers as my profile pic and now my favicon .. :)

  3. Yay to your new favicon! no longer B je.. hehehe.. :)