Thursday 23 June 2011

Bead Works

Dam or Ketupat

I has kept this bead work in my art box for 2 years. I think I should finish it up. It is not for me but for someone else. Sorry kakak for the SUper DUPer delay... However, I took off the beads and decided to resew it back nicely. As you see it here, the beads was not properly sew and I am not satisfied with the outcome. Hope after this I can sew it all and make it a worth for that kakak.. :p

Meanwhile, I am counting days for a vacation to Bangkok, Thailand with my mom and dad. This is their first vacation outside from Malaysia. Here is a story about my mom. When she just got her International Passport last monday, suddenly she said that she really wants to go to Australia.. Then my sister said Australia is a great place but she would prefer Bali compared to Australia. Then my mom add that Bali is also one of many places that she want to visit too.Pity mom that my sister has no intention to bring her along to her Bali trip next year.. I guess it will be me who going to bring you to Bali and Australia, mom. Not to worry about it.. We can plan for this and I am sure we can have much fun with dad at Bangkok, Australia and Bali too.. :) 

That mean more $$$ for my piggy bank . I know GOD will fulfill mom wishes to go to Australia and Bali ..


  1. hi marvic! BKK is a great place to visit for food and shopping! Enjoy yr trip! :)

  2. yes...i hope so.. looking forward for their floating market more than anything..i bet my mom will love this place too.. tq

  3. maria, bila kau pegi bangkok? btw, camney kau molah banner kat atas blog tok? hehehehe boleh indah aku tanyak...sebab aku baruk2 molah blog bah hehehehe

  4. mimi...aku pegi jumaat tok.. esok pagi aku ke kch dolok ngambik mak bapak aku..banner ya aku dpt masa ikot contest dipolah Emila Yusof.. got the artwork then aku put it nicely kat design template aku... mun ko mok ..ko leh tempah dgn nya.. :)

  5. giless lame ko tak siap2 lg baju nieee???.. TERBAIQQ!!..cian itu akak!

  6. tau xpe...kalo raya ni x sempat kot..doakan utk raya haji...huhuhu