Saturday 18 June 2011

Sometimes During Work 2

Sometimes during my work...I do have the moment of boredom as what I'm experiencing right now. Currently, I am here in Tawau for this government program for the 1Malaysia Community Expo whereby the company have to participate to show some support to the state/federal government. This time around, I'll be here until Monday. What do we offer to the public/consumer at our booth?... Usually, we provide some general info on local varieties of paddy and rice in Sabah, aside of having sales booth for our rice product which conducted by our JV Co. in the East market of Sabah. Sometimes, we conduct some interactive games for the public to enjoy and win themselves some of the rice product. But then it is all depends with the crowd. As today, the crowd is not here yet...but we are expecting more to come later in the evening...while waiting, I just simply indulge myself into this free sauna provided by the Mother Nature... :p 
p/s: sometimes i do give up with my work and want to be a stay home wife/mother ...wahhhhhh ... :)


  1. hi marvic! still in expo today? i bet the crowd is there today. Hv a great sunday! :)

  2. hai jean... in was still there on that sunday but now back to the office.. there were crowd when we decided to give Free 5kg rice with 1 purchase of 10kg rice ...hahaha