Thursday 16 June 2011

Sometimes during work ...

 The company be part of the carnival as the main sponsor

Among other activities that we plan for the Sabahan is cooking demo by Jaafar Onn and accompany by Maya Matahari. We fly them both all the way from KL only for the occasion. Here some of the snapshot in between my work.. most of it is at the backstage.

He need a haircut.

Adira, Marvic, JO and Maya

Both me and Maya want to have a pose with Ramli Sarip, Rock Legend

Marvic with Jimmy Palikat, a Sabahan singer that famous with "Anak Kampung" song

Marvic with Estranged band... yay!!!...

In serious mode: working

p/s: sometimes i love my work even thou people can stress me out...


  1. marvic... ak pun suka juga sbb ko dapat jumpa rock legend. ak nie jenis pemalu, kalo jumpa sure malu nk ajak bergmbo. ahaks

  2. kali kedua bergambar dgn rock legend ni...dia ok je kalo nak bergambar pon... :)