Friday 15 July 2011

CyanaMoose in Orange

Credit: CyanaMoose during her Borneo Escapade

Lady in Orange : CyanaMoose look so gorgeous in this orange color blouse. She bought it from me when I was transit in KL from Bangkok to KCH. This blouse is among other items that I put on sale during my quick visit to the HQ office. She is my fellow colleague that works in Admin Department, HQ with the same company we work for.

Do read her blog about her recent trip @ Borneo Escapade . She also into wedding photography team up with her husband.. so do check it out @ 1stverse Prod Sdn Bhd


  1. yr colleague looks really gorgoues in the orange tudung! :)

  2. marvic... malulah kamek!!! first tyme wearing ORANGE blouse & tudung... nampaknya berhasil. hahaha. credit to marvic!!! nnt bwk baju kacak lagi ya :)

  3. Jean..she is ..hahaha

    Cyana.. apa nak malu..cantek jugak aku tengok blouse tu bila org pakai..baju2 yg korg beli semua mmg antara yg cantek aku beli..skrg menyesal x bawa luggage besar2..huhuhu.. :)

  4. marvic... do bring ur largest beg next tyme.. hehe

  5.!!! ILoie!!

  6. so CK..biler nak pakai kaler hijau muda tu....