Thursday 14 July 2011

I want Canon 550D

Help me with the race simply by clicking on these link... Not really want that Ipad 2 but more to Canon that I would not need to spend thousands of MYR to get for myself..I definitely will feel great if I can get my hand on that Canon 550D simply by winning this race...This race actually does not need you to jump in ur car and speed on the street at night but U just simply sit in front of your pc and churp more to get the extra mileage of KM by tweeting about it to your friends.. I am going to speed up more with my lovely Whitey Babe (name of my car) ..hahaha ... on the link and fuel me with fire... yeeeehhaaaaaa.....

Credit to EmilaYusof for the head (bole kan kak emi???)

5 days left and I only at 5 km since started the race yesterday.. that is something already...please give me more fuel to fire up my race..zroommmm with meeeee!!!!! TQ to all who support me... :))))

Drag me quick to the finishing line!! I need more KMs to overtake my friends to get the iPad 2! #Churp2race 


  1. hi marvic! i've clicked on the link! hope you win!

  2. hahaha..Jean and Bain...really hope i can win it but mcm i need miracle to make it happen .. :)))

    TQ for the supports