Wednesday 13 July 2011

Jewelery Design - Pearl

Peach, Lavendar and any col
Yesterday evening, I went over to a shop in town that selling pearl to seek for some info on wholesale purchase of pearl. Lots of question has been asked to them and one of it is where do they get their supplies of pearl. They said they have their own freshwater pearl cultivation in between borders of Sabah and Philiphine. Here is some of the multicolours of pearl in display.

MYR5 only .. anyone?

I bought few string of pearl and made an earing with it. I used peach colour rice shape of pearl. I took the picture using my Iphone so the colour might be slightly different.

I might be making another different design later this evening. Just trying to polish my skills on designing jewelery. Currently I  use silver filled material for the ear-wire, headpins and split rings. I should use sterling silver in the future when there is a demand for my jewelery work.. 

By the way, I'll be planing another short visit to KL in 2nd week of August. I will let u guys know about it when it is confirm.